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Top 5 clubs to visit in BGC Philippines

Choosing the top 5 clubs in BGC Philippines depends heavily on your personal preferences and the kind of night you're looking for.
However, here are 5 highly-rated and popular options with diverse vibes to cater to different tastes:

1. Revel at The Palace (Upscale & Glamorous): This opulent club boasts stunning interiors, bottle service, and renowned DJs spinning energetic sets. Expect a well-dressed crowd and a VIP atmosphere.

2. Xylo at The Palace (Trendy & Edgy): Nestled above Revel, Xylo offers a more intimate and vibrant space with DJs playing everything from house to hip-hop. Expect a trendy and fun-loving crowd, often spilling onto the balcony overlooking the bustling street.

3. Nectar Nightclub (LGBTQ+ Friendly & Lively): This vibrant club is a BGC institution, popular for its inclusive atmosphere, drag shows, and themed nights. Expect a diverse crowd and a guaranteed blast of energy.

4. Valkyrie (Spacious & Diverse): Formerly known as Valkyrie, this spacious and versatile club features various themed rooms and areas catering to different music genres. Expect a mixed crowd and a laid-back, casual vibe.

5. Black Market (Live Music & Cocktails): If you're looking for something different, Black Market offers a unique blend of live music, themed nights, and delicious cocktails. Expect a creative and eclectic crowd.


  • The Bank Bar: A speakeasy-style bar hidden behind a diner, offering handcrafted cocktails and an intimate atmosphere. Perfect for a pre-club drink or a more relaxed night out.
  • Versus Barcade: A fun and nostalgic arcade bar with vintage games, board games, and delicious cocktails. Great for groups and those seeking a more casual hangout.

Remember, these are just a few suggestions, and plenty of other fantastic clubs cater to different preferences in BGC. Do some research based on your specific interests and desired vibe, and don't hesitate to explore beyond the most popular picks to discover hidden gems!

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